What will 9 billion sustainable lifestyles look like in 2050?

In 2050, there are going to be 9 billion people on the planet, according to current projections. And the choice that we have is what we kind of sustainability we want because as Dr Alan Knight has said ‘sustainability is inevitable… unsustainability is unsustainable’.

What is your vision for 9 billion sustainable lifestyles in 2050? Who needs to be leading this vision – and action towards this defining this vision? What would be your 10 focus points for a sustainable lifestyle?

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2 thoughts on “What will 9 billion sustainable lifestyles look like in 2050?

  1. Diana Korchien

    I really think the word sustainable has lost much of its meaning. We are already living unsustainably; if only people could see this. The challenge is to make people culturally aware of this…and quickly. Looking after the planet is a round the clock state of mind – and most of us spend as little as an hour a week thinking about what we can do to help Mother Earth. A new culture of sustainable living – yes we certainly need it, we need the inspiration.

  2. Sustainability Consultants

    People talk about sustaiability whilst completlu missing the point. Population.

    Population is growing like the clappers, and every other environmetal malady that the globe faces is a result of this. When will we learn, when people start killing each other over water. . . oh jhang on thats already happening.


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